Saturday, April 26, 2008

The Only Black Leprechaun

This post is about 40 days late of the holiday, but it's relevance is not exclusively tied to St. Patty. Today's audio has quite the story behind it, so here goes:

Another passion of mine is that of A Cappella singing. I was singing bass in a group called the UCD7 last fall when I was in school, which had eight members, but that's irrelevant. We had a gig at Dazzle Jazz Club in October, and arrived early to run through the set outside in the alley. We were in the middle of a John Paul Sharp arrangement of Gnarls Barkley's "Crazy" when a local intoxicated man sporting several green Mardi Gras beads and matching hat wandered over to us and started singing along, wildly out of tune. Luckily I had my Zoom H2 recorder handy, and captured the event, in which he reveals he is the self proclaimed "only black leprechaun."

A musical experience never to forget, have a listen:

UCD7 Feat. The Only Black Leprechaun

It's not a true binaural recording, so headphones aren't required, but it was recorded in the "surround" mode, so some localization effect is heard if you do use them.

Also, if you're in town, UCD7 will be singing at Dazzle again this Monday night, April 28th @ 7PM, 9th & Lincoln Downtown. Support Local Music!

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jps* said...

OMG I had no idea you had recorded that!! How funny! You know, The Black Leprechan made it onto our concert poster this year! So hilarious. Thanks for sharing... I sported a few laughs when listening. jps*