Saturday, March 8, 2008

Soundscape: World Premiere

Introducing my very first binaural composition, “Soundscape.” All source material was captured in the Denver Metro Area, namely the RTD transit stations, Auraria Campus and the Denver Zoo. I put together this sonic collage for my Junior Audio Seminar project in the spring of 2007. Now, a year after its completion, I think it’s time to throw it out to the digital masses.

Please use headphones.

5287 Feet - Soundscape.mp3

Here are some reviews amongst the first handful of listeners:

“…that's great stuff. Harrowing, in a way, but very compelling.”
-Gregory T.S. Walker, Associate Professor of Music, CU Denver

“What was the point?”
-Benjamin Harris, Professor of the Recording Arts, CU Denver

“The CD is skipping…”
-Shawn McNary, Professor of the Recording Arts, CU Denver
(in response to the use of loops in the composition)

-Jeremy Pickett, CEO of Dead Sparrow Records

“I’ll listen to it when I can both find the time and my headphones…”
-Sam McGuire, Professor of the Recording Arts, CU Denver

Please take the time to comment and let me know what you think.
Thank you


Maverick said...

That was well done! I've heard a few Holophonic recordings although none have managed to creep round the back of my head like that one did.

JimmyTheGhost said...

Dude, that was awesome. Very fun to listen to. Great work homie.